Continuing Professional Development
One of the core mandates of the Society is the establishing of standards for professional responsibility and ongoing competence of lawyers. All practising members of the Society must complete and report at least 24 hours of continuing professional development by June 30 every two years (ie. 2022, 2024, 2026…) on their Form 6. See the Mandatory Continuing Development Policy and Regulations for complete information.

What Qualifies for “Continuing Professional Development” Hours?

Courses & Professional Development Sessions
Attendance at traditional courses, professional development programs, online courses, streaming videos, web and/or teleconference courses offered by: Law Societies; CBA; a law firm; legal department; government agency or department; a practice group of anybody previously referenced; or other recognized educational providers as approved by the Secretary-Treasurer in advance of attendance by the member. Generally, credit will be given for the actual time of the course and/or professional development session, exclusive of social breaks. Partial hours shall be rounded up or down to the closest half hour.

Credit is available for teaching a course related to law or to the practice of law. The teaching must be in compliance with the overall subject matter requirements and must be designed for an audience that is primarily composed of lawyers, articling students and/or law school students. Consideration will also be given by the Secretary-Treasurer for teaching targeted primarily at the general public, other professions, or students other than law students. Three (3) hours of credit will be available for each hour taught. Credit will be available for volunteer or part-time teaching only, not as a part of full-time or regular employment.

Study Groups
Credit is available for participation in a law-related study group of two or more. The hours available for credit will be the actual time spent at a structured study group session to a maximum of eight (8) hours per term. Credit will not be available for an activity that is file specific.

Credit is available for writing law books or articles that are intended for publication or to be included in course materials, including the Law Society’s Bar Admission Course. Credit is available for volunteer or part-time writing only, not as a part of full-time or regular employment. The hours available for credit will be based on actual time to produce the final product to a maximum of six (6) hours per writing project.

Credit is available for self-study up to a maximum of four (4) hours per term.

Credit is available for such other activities as may be approved by the Secretary-Treasurer in advance.

It is each member’s responsibility to ascertain whether an activity meets the criteria and qualifies as a CPD activity. Activities that are focused on firm marketing and profit maximization will generally not be approved for credits.